Classical Test Theory (Item Analysis)

Executing the analysis

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Checking the 1-0 converted data

Only the first 10 observations are displayed.

If you want to download the converted data, use Binary (1-0) Data Converter .

Basic statistics


Cronbach's coefficient alpha


Item analysis


Item_Mean: item facility (IF)
I-R_Correl: Item-Remainder score correlation or "corrected item-total correlation"
I-T_Correl: Item-Total score correlation or "point-biserial correlation"
U-L_DISC: item discrimination (upper 1/3 - lower 1/3)
AENO: actual equivalant number of options (out of the total number of options)

Distractor analysis


Histogram of the total score

Box plot with individual data points

Test of normality


Q-Q plot

R session info


CTTShiny Version 0.1

The goal of this project is to help students and researchers run CTT analysis as easily as possible.

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Acknowledgments and Authors


Atsushi Mizumoto would like to thank Dr. Luke Plonsky and Dr. Yo In'nami for their support and feedback to create this web application.


William Kyle Hamilton - University of California, Merced

William Kyle Hamilton maintains this application and has authored new features.

Atsushi Mizumoto, PhD - Kansai University

Atsushi Mizumoto wrote the first version of this application; this application is a fork of the original which can be found here

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